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Off Grid Systems

There are many reasons why we choose to find alternative ways of powering out property's and since the very first coal power station built in 1882, we have not known what destruction it is causing to our world and the ever up rising cost that we have no choice to pay also with the threat of being cut off from the supplier due to our government failing to see the energy crisis and not investing more money into power generation and storage. 

We now have options and a complete off grid Solar PV system is now possible due to better developed equipment to do the job. If you like the idea of being totally self sufficient and off grid, Tidy Electrics Ltd can provide you with a complete system that will harness the suns energy to the very best potential and store it ready to use when needed. If you have the capability on your property to install the required amount of panels and space to store the equipment and battery's storage then please do not hesitate to fill in the form below and we will call you back with a solution.

Solar Panels Technicians
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