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Smoke Alarms

If you're a landlord or just would like the added security to your home we can provide top quality smoke alarms installed to your property at one price.

For hassle free installation when possible we use wireless interconnected fire alarms, mains fed from your nearest light connection.


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The Illustration above shows 4 types of fire alarms and where to install them. Heat alarms and Photoelectric are best used in the kitchen area to prevent them sounding when cooking food. For hearing impaired the Remote visual is used.

The new Renting Homes (Fitness for Human Habitation) (Wales) Regulations 2022 come into effect in July 2022 and stipulate that rented accommodation in Wales must be fitted with mains-powered and interlinked fire alarms with at least one smoke alarm installed on each storey of the dwelling. In addition, carbon monoxide detectors are required in each room of the dwelling that contains a carbon-fuelled appliance or flue. All products in this section have been selected to comply with the new regulations.

Power supply: All fire alarms must be powered either from the mains electricity circuit or a dedicated mains circuit from the consumer unit.

Interlink: Smoke and heat alarms must either be interlinked by cable or by wireless radio-frequency interlink. Carbon monoxide alarms do not have to interlink with the smoke and heat alarms.

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